Judge Barber District Court

Keep Judge Barber. Circuit Judge Div. II in Bath, Menifee, Montgomery & Rowan Counties.

Judge Barber is extremely proficient in the state court system from serving years at different judicial levels, including the highest position Justice of the Kentucky Supreme Court. With 37 years of legal and judicial experience, Judge Barber is the most qualified with an unparalleled knowledge of Kentucky law and the legal process.

Stellar Resume

  • Justice, Kentucky Supreme Court
  • Judge, Kentucky Court of Appeals
  • Senior Legal Counsel, Ky House of Representatives
  • County Attorney City Attorney
  • Worker’s Compensation Judge

Fighting Crime

This extensive experience is crucial in his endeavor to tackle the crime problems our communities face. Not only does it provide a larger scope of knowledge, it gives him the edge to decipher critical issues, close loopholes for criminals and the tactical skills needed to change the mounting and dire situations in eastern Kentucky.


Protecting The People

Judge Barber has given a voice to law abiding, hard working individuals that would not have been heard otherwise, especially children and victims, or those who have been wrongfully charged. In private practice, he was known to seek difficult or complex cases that needed hard-found solutions that may have penalized innocent people. He has proven diligence to stand up to bullies, like battling ‘big money’ or tackling a big industry to get a widow her benefits.


That same determination has appeared when serving in a higher capacity, like sustaining convictions on child molesters, drafting policies to revamp or reshape the law as quickly as possible in order to protect the people.


Having worked with all levels of legal community, from court clerks and law enforcement, to prosecuting attorneys and legislators of both parties, Judge Barber’s “get things done” attitude has already made positive changes in Kentucky – ones that protect children (Child Witness and Confrontation Clause) and help keep our our families and loved ones safe (Victims’ Bill of Rights).


Judge Barber is not running for political gain, rather his perspective of the alarming rise and backlogs of criminal cases, fuels him to seek system changes. With a strong, in-depth understanding of criminal cases, his drive is centered on seeking tougher laws to incarcerate criminals and drug dealers and solutions to breaking the cycles of crime and drugs.

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