Judge David Barber District Court

Foundation of Integrity and Character

As a young Boy Scout, Judge Barber learned to “help others at all times.” As an Eagle Scout, he was taught survival tactics and to serve his community. Once Judge Barber became a young man, he not only adopted the Boy Scout motto of “helping others at all times,” but he took it to heart and to the next level — in his professional career of helping people.


Having a deep seeded faith in God helped shape Judge Barber to be a model citizen. His community-mindedness, involvement and care is apparent, as a Scouts leader, a coach, a policy advisor and legal advocate.


Solid Work Ethic

As the son of a single mom, Judge Barber understands hardship and strives to protect children and families in his career. As the grandson of a coal miner, he also learned at a young age what hard work meant, putting himself through college and law school and never hesitating to roll his sleeves up — whether it’s to help a friend or neighbor, coach a team, lead Scouts, seek justice for victims or initiate policies to protect and serve the people.


His integrity, work ethic, advocacy and passion all drive him to make positive changes. His experience, leadership, aptitude, diligence and skill are what can make those changes happen.


Keep Judge Barber for the Circuit Judge Div. II in Bath, Menifee, Montgomery & Rowan Counties.
Protecting Family. Fighting Crime.


Photos With Family & Friends

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