37 Years Legal and Judicial Experience Stellar Resume and Leadership Aptitude and Hands-on-knowledge Diligence to Stand up to Bullies Tactical Skills to Change and Improve the System
David Barber Supreme Court Oath


37 Years Legal and Judicial Experience, Kentucky House of Representatives as Senior Legal Counsel and Policy Advisor, Kentucky Supreme Court Justice

Judge David Barber Fighting Crime Kentucky Court of Appeals

Fighting Drugs
and Crime

A solid history of prosecuting and judging criminal cases provides Judge Barber adept understanding and drives his passion to fight the war on crime and drugs.

Judge David Barber Protecting Family Kentucky Court of Appeals

Protecting Family and Children

Legal aptitude and involvement at varied judicial levels equips Judge Barber to protect the people and their families.

David Barber Kentucky Court Of Appeals

“Helping Others No Matter What”

With a foundation of integrity and character, Judge Barber lives by the Boy Scout motto in all that he does.

Judge David Barber is the most qualified candidate for Circuit Judge Div. II in Bath, Menifee, Montgomery & Rowan Counties, backed by 37 solid years of legal and judicial experience.
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Judge Barber believes and has lead his life by example of the Boy Scout motto “help others at all times.” In his career Judge Barber has lead policy changes that better serve the people and help make communities safer.


However, as the father of 6 and a grandfather of 10, he is extremely concerned for the future of eastern Kentucky. The increase in crime and daily atrocity drives him to fight the war on drugs and help to change the epidemic crisis that communities are facing. We need Judge Barber’s passion and legal expertise to make change happen — to fight crime harder, to find solutions for those at risk and to help ensure the safety of our children and families.

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